High quality lead free solder wire with no-clean flux and RoHS, REACH, JEIDA compliant. Great for audio, surface mount electronics, and through hole electronics applications where  can be used.
Alloy Sn 96.5, Ag 3.0, Cu 0.5
Flux DesignatorROL0
Residue Removal Method Not normally required.
May be removed by solvent.


  • Lead-free Solder-Wire
  • 3% Silver
  • Best for all LEAD-FREE Applications
  • REL0 Specification
  • No clean FLUX
  • Melting temperature: 217°C - 219°C

RUBEIN SAC305 Lead Free Solder Wire Tin-96.5% Silver-3% Copper-0.5% 500g 0.8mm Thicknes

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