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In any mode, holding down both buttons exits to the menu. Once there, releasing and pressing button #1 cycles thru its modes forward. New Feature: Button #2 cycles thru modes backwards.
Prob Logic Probe The logic probe shows 'H' for high (over 3.7 volts), 'L' for low (below 0.8 volts) and '-' for floating in the first display location.  If a pulse is detected (0.5 usec minimum), the second location flashes a 'P'.
PULS Logic Pulser The logic pulser shows the pulse rate (5, 50, 500, 5.0) in the last 3 locations.  The first location shows the sensed logic level as a dash in the bottom or top of the digit.  When button #1 is held down, a series of  0.5 microsecond pulses are generated in the opposite direction and the center segment is lit.  Pushing button #2 cycles thru the 4 pulse rates.  The selected pulse rate is saved on power down.
FrEq Frequency Counter In the frequency counter mode, hitting button #1 switches the display to the next 4 digits of the count.  For instance, the display shows '12.57' for a frequency of 12,576 hz.  Holding down button #1 shows '2576' - the lowest 4 digits.  If a decimal point shows, the value is in Khz, if the decimal is flashing, the value is in Mhz.  Hence, a frequency of 42,345,678 hz is displayed as 42.34 with a flashing decimal.  Holding down button #1 in this case will display 5678.
Cnt Event Counter In the event count mode, the display shows the lowest 4 digits.  Button #1 switches to the next higher 4 digits while held down.  Button #2 resets the count.
VoLt Voltmeter The voltmeter uses the power going into the probe as a voltage reference.  The current implementation shows only an approximate voltage - about 2% high.  This can still be very useful for most measurements.  Do not connect the probe to voltages that exceed 5 volts under any conditions.
diod Diode Junction Voltage This is just the voltmeter function with 10k resistor feeding current to the probe tip.  When a diode or transistor junction is connected from the tip to the ground lead, the drop voltage is displayed.
Cap Capacitance Measurement When a capacitor is connected from the tip to the ground lead, and button #1 is pushed, its value is displayed.  Values from .001 uf to about 500 uf are displayed.  The larger the capacitor, the longer it takes to measure.  A value of 100uf takes a couple of seconds.
Coil Inductance Measurement When an inductor is connected from the tip to the ground lead, and button #1 is pushed, its value is displayed.  Values from  0.1 to 999.9 millihenries are displayed.  Note:  this function assumes that the DC resistance is not more than a few ohms.  Also, if the unit gets 'stuck' in  this mode, jumper the tip to ground to free it.
SIG Signal Generator This mode generates a 500hz square wave at about 0.5 volts.  The signal is only generated while button #1 is held down.
ntSC Video Pattern Generates an NTSC video frame with a white dot pattern.
9600 Serial Ascii Each time button 1 is pushed, the letters A-Z followed by cr/lf is generated.  Auto polarity sensing.  If the signal injection point is originally high, then normal (zero start bit) ascii is generated.  Otherwise, the other polarity is done.  New feature: Button #2 cycles thru 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 baud.
Midi Midi Note Sends note number 60 (middle C) on any of the 16 midi channels.  Holding button 1 sends 'note on'.  Release of button 1 sends 'note off'.  Button 2 cycles thru the 16 channels.  The midi channel number is stored.
R/C R/C Servo Generates 1ms to 2ms pulse for r/c servos.  Button 1 increases pulse, Button 2 decreases pulse.  Defaults to 1.5 ms each time mode is entered.
[ ] Square Wave Generates 1 - 9999 hz square wave.  Button 1 decreases frequency, Button 2 increases frequency.
Prn Pseudo Random Number Generates 10khz digital PRN series.
ir38 IR LED Generates 1 millisecond on and 2.5 millisecond off of 38khz square wave.  When connected to IR LED, used for testing IR receiver modules.
PWM Pulse
Generates variable pulse width 3-97 percent of a 6khz (approx) digital signal.  Button 1 decreases pulse width, Button 2 increases pulse width.
StOP Stop Watch Button 1 starts/stops timer. Change of state on probe tip also will start/stop timer. Button 2 resets timer. Timer counts in 1/100 seconds from 0-99 seconds, then counts in 1/10 seconds from 100-999 seconds, then counts in whole seconds from 1000-9999 seconds (about 2 hours 46 minutes).


  • Electronic hobbyist wants most 18 functions
  • Wide range power supply 5v to 30v
  • Done all on the 4 digit 0.28 inch 7 segment display
  • Easy handle with 2 push buttons for functions select
  • Small size
  • Dimension 10 x 100mm

SuperProbe 18-functions Logic Probe Freq Event counter PWM CAP Coil

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