Hints: Counterclockwise potentiometer 10 laps or more begin adjust output

A small, high efficiency and drive current up to 2A DC to DC step up boost converter module. Suitable for most electronic products, power supply etc.

Caution: Input voltage can not be higher than the output voltage.


  • Step up Boost DC to DC Converter Module 
  • Wide range input voltage 2v to 24v
  • Micro-USB DC Input
  • Step up output 5v to 28v  Adjustable 
  • Drive current up to 2A
  • Efficiency 93%
  • Precise Multi-Turn potentiometer adjust output voltage
  • Dimension 36 x 17 x 14mm

2A DC to DC Module Step Up Boost Adjustable Output 5v to 28v with Micro-USB

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