Seven segment LED displays are very popular for displaying numeric information because they are very attractive and readable from a far distance and wider viewing angle. This display module can be easily interfaced with Arduino using the LedControl library. The MAX7219 LED driver is SPI interface pins DIN, CLK, and LOAD saves your processor pins and processing time.

MAX7219 Cascaded 5x 8 Digit 0.56 inch 7 Segment LED SPI Display - YouTube

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  • 8-Digit 7-Segment LED
  • Socket for 0.36-inch LED display
  • 5 Color of LED Display available
  • Support Cascade in Parallel and Serial
  • SPI Interface require 3 I/O pin 
  • Standard 2.54mm Pin header pitch
  • 3.3v / 5v capable

MAX7219 0.36-inch 8-Digit 7-Segment LED Display SPI interface - SOCKET

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