3.3v LDO output current 150mA only. Can not work for power supply.

Four channels of logic and high voltage / low voltage logic, two-way conversion Small and compact, with 2x rows 6 pin IDC-pin-headers. These are 4 Channel devices (great for I2C or SPI) and will work with all microcontrollers, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Edison, NXP Mbed. Standard 2.54mm pin pitch.


  • 4-channel Logic Level Shifter
  • Bi-Directional transform between Lv and Hv
  • Lv input/output 3.3V TTL
  • Hv input/output 5V TTL
  • Reverse Polarity Protection

4-channel 5v 3v Bi-Directional Logic Level Shifter with Reverse Polarity Protect

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