This ADS1115 4-channel boards are perfect for adding high-resolution analog to digital conversion to any embedded based project like Raspberry which without bulidin AD converter. It also have a programmable gain amplifier provides up to x16 gain for small signals.


  • Supply Voltage range 2v - 5.5v
  • I2C address range 0x48 to 0x4B
    ADDR short toI2C Address
  • I2C Interface with 4 Selectable Addresses
  • Resolution: 16 Bits
  • Programmable Sample Rate: 8 to 860 Samples/Second
  • Low Current Consumption:
    Continuous Mode: 150µA
    Single-Shot Mode: Auto Shut-Down
  • Internal Low-Drift Voltage Reference
  • Internal Oscillator
  • Internal Programmable Gain Amplifier: 16-Step
  • Programmable Comparator
  • Four Single-Ended or 2 Differential Inputs

ADS1115 4-Channel 16 Bit ADC Analog Digital Converter I2C Programmable Gain Amp.

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